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Varieties of Facial Tissues

Boxed Facial Tissue

Properties\Products Boxed Facial Tissue Boxed Facial Tissue Boxed Facial Tissue Boxed Facial Tissue Boxed Facial Tissue Boxed Facial Tissue
GSM(g/㎡) 12.5 13.5 13.5 13.5 14 14
size sheet size:20x19cm pack:150sheets/bag roll size:19cmx18m pack:260sheets/bag sheet size:20x19cm pack:220sheets/bag sheet size:20x19cm pack:170sheets/bag sheet size:19.5x20.5cm pack:150sheets/bag sheet size:19x18cm pack:120sheets/bag
Layers per sheets 2ply 2ply 2ply 3ply 2ply 2ply
Whether to support customization yes yes yes yes yes yes

Soft Pack Facial Tissue

Properties\Products Soft Pack Facial Tissue(small) Soft Pack Facial Tissue Soft Pack Facial Tissue Black Soft Pack Facial Tissue Super Soft Facial Tissue
GSM(g/㎡) 13 11.5 11 15.5 11.5
size sheet size:10.5x17cm pack:270sheets/bag sheet size:15.3x19cm pack:150sheets/bag sheet size:15.5x19cm pack:150sheets/bag sheet size:18x13cm pack:175sheets/bag sheet size:19x20cm pack:80sheets/bag
Layers per sheets 3ply 3ply 2ply 2ply 5ply
Whether to support customization yes yes yes yes yes

Sansheng Facial Tissue VS Other Facial Tissue

Boxed Facial Tissue

Sansheng Facial Tissue

Custom sizes, materials, colors...
Unlimited packaging production methods available
Produced date info printable
Maximum crate loading capacity scheme provided complimentary

Boxed Facial Tissue

Other Facial Tissue

Can not be fully customized size, material, color
Packaging production methods are limited
Production date information cannot be printed
No free maximum carton program

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