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Mother Roll · Product Category

10015 2

Napkin Mother Roll

Mother roll width:
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp
Folding method
1/4, 1/6, 1/8

Mother Roll (13)

Facial Tissue Mother Roll

Mother roll width:
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp
Box Tissue/ Soft Tissue
Wood pulp paper
super soft paper

Mother Roll (9)

Toilet Paper Mother Roll

Mother roll width:
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp
Bamboo pulp
Sheet Layers:
Scope of sales:
Worldwide, especially the United States, Australia and Russia
Special toilet paper:
Bulk Pack

Mother Roll (10)

Paper Towel Mother Roll

Paper Towel Type:
①Roll paper towel
②Folded paper towel
① Strong when wet
② Soft texture
③ Absorbency
Special Paper Towel:
TAD Paper
Auto Cut
Center-pull (Center-feed)

Mother Roll · Packaging And Transport

Mother Roll.jpg
Mother Roll2

The raw paper cabinet can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Take a 40HQ standard container as an example:
14gsm: 13-14t
17gsm: 15-16t

Mother Roll · Video Presentation

Factory Tour

Production Video

Weifang Sansheng Paper is our go-to supplier for tissue paper parent rolls. They have a stable quality that meets our high standards and expectations. They always deliver on time and provide professional service. Their products are suitable for our machines and produce high-quality products.
from United Kingdom
We have been working with Weifang Sansheng Paper for several years and we are very pleased with their tissue paper parent rolls. They have a high-quality product that conforms to our specifications and requirements. They are reliable and punctual in their deliveries and offer excellent customer support. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for tissue paper parent rolls.
from Polish
We are very satisfied with the tissue paper parent rolls we get from Weifang Sansheng Paper. They have a wide range of products that cater to our needs and preferences. They are very responsive and helpful in answering our queries and requests. Their products are easy to use and perform well on our machines.
from Chile

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Weifang Sansheng Paper has the best tissue paper parent rolls we have ever used. They have a superior quality that ensures our products are always of the best quality. They are very flexible and accommodating in their delivery schedules and payment terms. Their service is professional and courteous. We appreciate their cooperation and support.
from Australia
Weifang Sansheng Paper is our preferred source for tissue paper parent rolls. They have a high-quality product that matches our expectations and requirements. They are very attentive and proactive in their service and follow-up. Their products are compatible with our machines and produce outstanding results.
from United States
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Frequently Asked Question

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your tissue paper production with PrimeRolls’ premium parent rolls. Enhance the quality of your end products and boost customer satisfaction. Join the numerous satisfied clients who rely on us for their tissue paper needs.

Our Machine size is 5600mm, so any size can match 5450-5500mm is ok for us . we can do 1-4 ply.

Each size should be about 3*40HQ for jumbo rolls. For finished products, 1*40HQ is ok for us .

Usually for facial tissue, it is about 12-13mt for 40HQ. toilet paper more than 15gsm can be arount 13mt. napkin paper ,maxi or paper towel  is around 17mt

Usually for normal products, we can finished a container within 20days.

For other special shape products, we can load a container within 30days

Yes, we have 24 on line service, show you the order procedure.

You can send email or leave message any time you need, and get answer within 1 hour.

We will sending you all documents and production process pictures after loading the products.

Yes,third party audit or your audit are both welcomed.

We also provid zoom video audit during the virus period.

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