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Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue

Roll width:
Raw materials:
Bamboo pulp


Napkin Paper

Product SIZE:
Box,bag or customized
17/18(1 ply)
12/13/14/16(2 ply)
Dot,Flower or customized
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp

Paper Towel

Paper Towel

Product SIZE:
Standard Roll or customized
32/36/38/40(1 ply)
16/18/19(2 ply)
Dot or customized
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Product SIZE:
Standard Roll or customized
1/2/3/4 ply
Dot, Flower or Deco 
Raw materials:
100% virgin Wood pulp

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Custom Embossing

Leaves, butterflies, tulips, shapes and dot embossing.
*Support Deco and Color embossing

Customised Raw Materials

Custom Raw Materials

100% virgin wood pulp
Bamboo pulp
Bagasse Pulp
Recycled Pulp


Custom Packaging

Free design for some products

Paper Dispenser

Matching Paper Dispenser

Paper dispenser available according to paper shape and paper exit method

AFH Paper · Packaging And Transport

Containerised Transport3
Containerised Transport2

Maximum Container Loading

TAD Paper Towel (6 rolls/box, 58*39*22cm)
Maximum loading capacity is 1440 pieces, about 8t

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Factory Tour

Production Video

I will be ordering again! Glad to help out the environment as much as I can, and in all possible ways.
from Canada
All natural and sustainable product. No plastics used. I liked that this product is made of all natural and sustainable products. It’s good for the environment.
from Poland
Very nice. These are very nice I use paper towels to clean windows and it takes one sheet to do a normal size window vs regular paper towels where your using a few in order to get streak free and they certainly don’t soak through to your hand like regular paper towels.
from Chile

See what our Converting Plant Customer are talking about us

I like that these are not packaged in plastic but in recyclable paper. At home we use regular towels that can be washed, but we use these when we travel with the baby as they are slim enough to fit in the diaper bag and are so convenient for quick spills and wipe ups and as extra food napkins. I like the smaller size of the sheets so I don't feel like I'm wasting one if the spill was small. They hold up really well, even when wet.
from Panama
feels just like paper,these work just as good as paper towels if not better. the rolls are smaller than bounty but still functional
from United States

Frequently Asked Question

They’re both made of paper pulp and meant to be used once, then tossed away. That’s where the similarities end. Facial tissue is smoother, and often has lotions and scents added. Toilet paper does have one important feature that facial tissue does not — it dissolves in one to four minutes in water.

1. the full-width roll of trimmed paper as it comes from the paper machine.
2.a large roll of paper that is over 10 (or sometimes 12) inches in diameter and is to be used in converting operations.

Flushing a toilet can release bacteria into the air, which can then contaminate the toilet paper. This makes it less than ideal for use as a tissue, as it can lead to infection. Opt for facial tissues that are specifically designed for hygiene and won’t leave you with a nasty infection. Your face will thank you for it!

Paper towels are usually bigger, thicker, and stronger than tissues. They typically measure about 11 by 11 inches and have a basis weight of about 40 grams per square meter. They also have a rougher texture and a more porous surface than tissues. Tissues are usually smaller, thinner, and softer than paper towels.

Toilet paper has minimum wet strength so it breaks up on wetting through sewage processing, while paper towels are designed to hold together longer and withstand physical abuse of a certain amount of scrubbing.

Paper towels are made from either virgin or recycled paper pulp, which is extracted from wood or fiber crops.

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