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Specialize in. . Paper

We have 20+yeas of tissue paper making history.

We have about 30 production lines to make all kinds of tissue paper, like facial tissue, toilet paper , paper towel, paper napkins,kitchen towel.etc.

We have professional desgier to help you make your thoughts become true.

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OEM/ODM Private Lable For Your Business Boost

The OEM/ODEM products is specially in the following ways.
– Special  Packaging Desgin with Your  Own Brand
– Special Printing/Embossing on Paper
-Special Paper Size For Your Market Needs

Box Pack Facial Tissue

Box Facial 1

Soft Pack Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue (2)

Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

Custom Packaging

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen Towel (9)

JRT Rolls

paper dispenser

Pocket Tissue

pocket tissue

Paper Towel


Roll Towel

Paper Towel

Paper Napkin

Express Napkin4

Let's Custom Your Products

bamboo toilet rolls (5)
bamboo toilet rolls (2)

Custom Raw Materials

100% virgin wood pulp- clean and soft
Bamboo pulp- clean, soft eco friendly
Recycled Pulp- soft and eco friendly

Custom Packaging

You can choose the suitable packaging for your market, design is free.

bamboo toilet rolls (7)
z fold towel

Custom Dispensers

You can choose the suitable dispensers for  your market, Logo can be printed on the dispenser

Paper Dispenser

Maximum The Container Loading To Save Your Transport Cost

Containerised Transport3

- AFH Paper - Video Presentation -

Factory Tour

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Production Video

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We Make All Kinds Tissue Papers For Different Markets

Desgin Your Own Brand OF Tissue Paper Now!

Your own Brand Of Tissue Paper Can Bring You Most Loyal Customers

Numbers Speak

We Help More Than 200 Beginers Set up Their Tssue Business In Their Local Market

becames supper brand

How Can We Help You!

Don't Know How To Start Up? Let Sansheng Helps You!

We have the experiece of tissue paper industrie for more than 20 years. We know what is the maket develop. and we had help many small wholesaler or brander to grow in to big one and owned their own market share. Here is what we can do for you.

Meet Our Team

Here is our Team Leader who can help you, Each of them have a team who can give you quickest and Professinal Advises.

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Mr Ma, Procument
MS Zhang, Sales Adviser
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Ms. Wang , Sales Adviser
Ms Li, Desginer

Want to Begin Your Own Business Now?

Tissue paper is a daily use products and the cunsuption is very large, market grows quickly according to the people life level upgrage. It is not get bad quickly like food. Even your decision is wrong, you can sell it out very quickly with a lower price, so it is a best business for start up.


Our Lastest Projects

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As an professional OEM plant, we are glad to share our experience with our customers, to help them expand their products lines.

   Some customer have  very good sales channel, we can help them desgin a suitable products, to meet the market need.

  Some customers are beginners, we will help them step by step to build up their own brand.

  This customer have no experience for tissue paper. They are supplying local supper market. After discussion, we give the whole solution for him. Now he is running about 12 SKU, and gainning more profit with the current sales channel.

Our Services

We can give the following help on your Business

All Tissues

Help To Choose The Right Product

There are hundreds of item of tissue paper, which one is your best? Let our consultant helps!


Custom Design

The Most Importance thing is to have a attactive package. Good Products can promote themselves. “Tissue Talks”

Assured Quality

We have full set of QA systerm.

On-line QA process will make sure the products is in good quality when producing.

Pre-Load inspection will make sure the products is in good condition when loading.

You can also arrange the third party inspection.

Strong Production Capacity

Sign The NDA To Protect Your Information

If you have a very good desgin, I trust you don’t want anyonelse to stole it. Don’t worry, we will protect your welth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Provide To Get A Free Design?

1. Your logo should be given with a Pdf or AI file. 2. If you don't have a logo, you can also ask us to design one for you. 3.You may also tell what kind of look you want. Our designer will make for you.


What Should I Consider to Bring a New Product?

This is a very large question. First you have to do the market research, know what is the products needed in your market. because different market use different tissue. second you should have a good desgin. we can help you this. Third you have to consider the loading and transportation, make suitable package. We have more details in our blog. you can go there to check.

What is the lead time?

Usually the production will be ready about 20-30days after we get the deposit and you confirm the design.It will take another few days or weeks to ship to your side.

How do I begin to buy?

Once you are ok with the design,we will sgin a sales confirmation(SC), Write everything clearly. this will include your size, packaging, quantity ,price, leadtime , transpotation port etc. Then you can arrange deposit. after we get the deposit we will arrange production.one the products ready, you pay the balance then we load the container for you.

How shall i know the quality if i can not visit factoty?

From the desgin to make tamplate , then printing package, from cutting folding to packaging, each step our sales person will send you the on line call or video. you can see how your thoughts became a real products.


Please Be Noted We are Doing B to B Business, So Our MOQ is 40 HQ for Each Items, Which is Easier for Startup.

We usually reply within 24 hours

Ask For a Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix

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