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Napkins With Different Folding Methods


Properties\Products Lamanited interfold napkin Lamanited interfold napkin-wood color Lamanited V-fold napkin
GSM(g/㎡) 16.5 16.5 26
size sheet size:19.5x10cm sheet size:19.5x10cm sheet size:22.5x20cm
Layers per sheets 2ply 2ply 1ply
Whether to support customization yes yes yes

Quad Fold

Properties\Products Beverage napkin Dinner napkin Premium dinner napkin Ultraslim napkin
GSM(g/㎡) 15 12 13 20
size sheet size:23x23cm pack:500pcs/bag sheet size:42x38cm pack:248pcs/bag sheet size:40x41cm pack:75pcs/bag sheet size:21x33.5cm pack:150pcs/bag
Layers per sheets 1ply 2ply 3ply 2ply
Whether to support customization yes yes yes yes

Six-ply Fold

Properties\Products G-fold napkin Tall fold napkin
GSM(g/㎡) 16 17
size sheet size:17x29cm pack:300pcs/bag sheet size:17x33cm pack:450pcs/bag
Layers per sheets 1ply 1ply
Whether to support customization yes yes

Eight-ply Fold

Properties\Products Dinner napkin Dinner napkin
GSM(g/㎡) 13.5 16
size sheet size:38x42cm pack:110pcs/bag sheet size:40x40cm pack:50pcs/bag
Layers per sheets 2ply 2ply
Whether to support customization yes yes

Sansheng Napkin Paper VS Other Napkin Paper

100% virgin wood pulp premium dinner napkin 13gsm 3ply size40x41cm 75pcs

Sansheng Napkin Paper

Eco-friendly, pollution reduction
Strong absorption of water and oils
Waterproof without breakage, reusable
Extensive range of applications

Express napkin

Other Napkin Paper

Environmental pollution may occur
Possibility of subpar oil absorption
Easy wear due to water immersion, limiting reusability
Application confined to specific territories

Product Applications

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