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Properties\Products TAD Roll Towels TAD N-fold Paper Towel
GSM(g/㎡) 27 28
size roll size:20cm*170m sheet size:23*23cm
Layers per sheets 1ply 1ply
Whether to support customization yes yes

TAD Paper Towels VS Paper Towels

TAD paper towel 27gsm 20cmx170m roll dia19cm(customizable)

TAD Paper Towels

Better water absorption
Higher thickness for the same gram weight
Fiber-saving and less damaging to fibers
The better hand feels when wet

100% virgin wood pulp paper towel 27gsm 1ply 20cmx170m roll dia18cm core dia4.5cm (3)

Paper Towels

Less absorbent
Thinner for the same weight
Fiber clutter, causing waste and damage
Less hand feel when wet

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